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Why You Might Want to Reconsider a Naked Wedding Cake

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

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You might be asking, what exactly is a naked cake? Well simply put the cake layers have little or no buttercream on the outside leaving the individual cake layers visible. This style of cake became popular in 2015 for brides looking for a simple or rustic style wedding cake. This option is also generally more cost effective than your traditional iced wedding cake. Whilst this style of cake can look beautiful, there are some serious downsides which you should consider before buying your wedding cake.

One of the main issues a naked cake faces is the lack of structural support. They are layered with buttercream, which can be very unstable in hot conditions. Wedding cakes are usually set up on the morning of the wedding, which means there are several hours between delivery and cake cutting. If left in hot conditions buttercream cakes are liable to melt, causing sliding, leaning or even collapse. Many cake designers do not offer naked or semi naked during summer time for this exact reason.

naked wedding cake glasgow

Another big problem with naked cakes would be the risk of drying out. Exposing the cake layers to air for several hours, even overnight will cause the sponge to lose moisture and dry out. Traditional cakes lock in that moisture and flavour by using a barrier like ganache and fondant, giving it stability in the heat and saving you from the dreaded dry cake.

naked wedding cake glasgow

While naked cakes may look simple, they are in fact very challenging to pull off flawlessly. Everything must be perfect to achieve level cakes and straight sides. There is just nowhere to hide and mistakes can be very obvious. For that reason, it’s essential to seek out an experienced baker. They are also very limiting in terms of design options, with most couples choosing fruit or flowers to decorate their cake. There are numerous ways to achieve a rustic look with fondant, such as opting for a log or wood-like effect, incorporate dried flowers or textured fondant. If you prefer a simple look, consider using a beautiful silk chiffon ribbon or decorate with an arrangement of handmade sugar flowers.

Your wedding cake is a fantastic opportunity to showcase you as a couple and bring together your wedding colours and theme. With fondant designs, the options are endless! You are only limited by your imagination.

While naked wedding cakes may offer a more natural and rustic look, they come with their fair share of disadvantages. To avoid any disasters on your special day, it's important to seek out an experienced baker or ditch the naked cake trend altogether. Cake designers who offer a bespoke service will work with you to design a cake that reflects your personality and your wedding day, that will not only survive the heat but will be unique to you.

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