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Creating a Dreamy Wedding Cake Table: Tips and Inspiration

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Let’s be honest, your wedding cake is going to be the most expensive cake you’ll ever buy so let’s show it off and make a statement with it. Whether you go for something understated and elegant or bold and striking, it’s important to think about your cake table too. Many couples think about what style of cake they want but often overlook the cake table styling. If you don’t give this some serious thought you could end up having your beautiful cake shoved into a dark corner, displayed on a hideous cake stand with a fire extinguisher behind it. Believe me it happens! When your cake is styled properly, it becomes something your guests will remember forever, not only for how delicious it was but what a showstopper it was too. Here are my top tips for elevating your cake to the next level.

wedding cake dundas castle edinburgh

1. Positioning

Thinking about where your cake will be displayed is key. Place your cake somewhere with plenty of natural light, but in summer time you want to avoid putting it in front of a window as it could melt. Think about what is behind your cake. Don’t put your cake in front of a fire extinguisher or radiator. Instead consider if there is a beautiful painting, archway, or other feature which could enhance your cake.

monochrome wedding cake edinburgh

2. More than just a table

You don’t need to be stuck with the round table the venue gives you if you don’t want it. Is there a beautiful vintage or quirky table you could present the cake on instead? Maybe you could upcycle something to keep afterwards or hire from an events company or stylist.

3. Backdrops Think moon gates, draped curtains, floral archways, fairy lights or neon signs. The possibilities are endless!

floral wedding cake dunglass estate edinburgh
dried flower wedding cake edinburgh

4. Cake stands

Most venues will have a cake stand you can use, however they don’t suit every cake and some are quite frankly hideous! Some venues have some cool things such as whisky barrels or log slices but please make sure these are level. Nobody wants a wonky looking cake. Hiring a stand that complements your design will really elevate your cake to the next level. Whether it’s a cake swing, floral hoop or something elegant like these Mosser glass stands, most cake designers offer a few different options for stand hire.

wedding cake crossbasket castle glasgow

5. Offer more than one cake

Using a mix of sizes, styles or colours will create visual interest. Great for smaller weddings or those looking for a non-traditional cake. Why should it only be the royals who get multiple cakes?!

wedding cake trio dried flowers west lothian

6. Allow guests to choose from additional dessert options.

Incorporating other small dessert items can help tie everything together. Choose from monogramed iced biscuits or colourful macaron towers as well as cake pops, cakesicles, cupcakes, donuts and sweetie jars. Adding similar display stands, whether rustic or elegant, will make a feature of your cake table.

luxury wedding dessert table edinburgh

7. All the extras

white wedding cake melville castle edinburgh

There are lots of other really simple ways to elevate your cake table, such as flowers and greenery, chiffon runners, candle sticks and tea lights or a cake menu.

floral wedding cake west lothian

So, there you go, it’s as simple as that! I hope this has given you some inspiration for your own wedding cake.

Still looking for your dream cake? Get in touch, I would love to get involved in creating your perfect cake!

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